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Welcome to the collective lore of the Whisper universe and its stories, including those of the Astral & Umbral. This is a hybrid resource for both lore and mechanics, so please use and maintain this resource for lore references, game information, and other helpful pages pertaining to these groups. Whisper is a storyverse, containing a multitude of stories contributed by various individuals for various settings. While there is a "central" story to Whisper (Whisper Online) the expansive universe of Whisper goes wherever its role-players take it, making its settings a true role-playing multiverse that's canon acknowledges and connects to several places real and fictitious.

Throughout the multiverse, whispers of eldritch tales reach far and wide to those who might answer the call. Esoteric magicks entice you to follow a path delving into ancient history riddled with conflicts between those that strive for co-existence and those that do not— how far will you travel and what role will you take in the story of all?

The worlds of Whisper's role-play explore a prequel as current developed history following consequences of actions by the Stairellans, an ancient race of creators that once flourished as a kingdom within a guarded crystal world Brilliance surrounded by a stardust desert accretion disc called Baku. A distant world beyond an infinite light called Radiance, the birthplace of these worlds, hides a secret world Ai'Lynel that holds the key to greater answers.

🎮 About Whisper

Over twenty years in the making, Whisper is a game told through rapidfire (fast one-liner) dialogue and real-time action events similar to the experience of playing a MMORPG, which is the ultimate medium Whisper is intended to take. Players have the freedom of entering at any given point of the story as it developers without any real prerequisites; however, players should understand the difference between normal role-playing, and role-playing using Whisper's world. While Astral & Umbral provide hybrid role-playing opportunities, Whisper is a game system first and foremost, meaning there are rules, systems, and a core "scripted" story to Whisper as an open-ended but guided adventure. As a setting for you to play IC and OOC, core details cannot be changed for the sake of personal preferences or playstyles.

Whisper provides background lore and structured events for players. Players are expected to use this Wiki knowledge-base for their own character development and scene creation. Like most MMORPGs, Whisper itself does not focus on providing individualized lore events for each player outside of the core main story events. It is up to you to create paragraph role-playing scenes with those interested in delving deeper into speculations, inferences, and personal story writing outside of core events.

There is plenty of role-playing to be had out there, and many players prefer to just write lore instead of play it like a game, so naturally, Whisper is not for everyone. We hope those participating understand and respect the sovereignty of a project like Whisper just as the author would respect the sovereignty of other players' story-worlds. TLDR, don't be a jerk over your contributions to the story. We build the system and structure for you to enjoy and develop a story within. We will never outright steal your characters and stories, but once they're in the universe they can be referenced by ANYONE in the story as needed. This is a collective writing project under the roof of a game universe to be respected.

✍️ Using This Wiki

This is not an open RPC wiki. This is not a personal Wiki unless your personal musings are ingrained with Whisper or AU's story, and you understand what you contribute is going to be usable by anyone developing Whisper or AU stories. Please help us keep pages on-topic. If you desire a RPC page separate from official Whisper pages, you are free to use your user page to list your RPCs, bios, and so on for reference. Actual character pages in the Wiki should be reserved for things permanent to Whisper's lore. (i.e., Page for Anai the User, Page for Anai in Whisper)

The Pages of this Wiki must only be used for confirmed, canon information in Astral & Umbral or Whisper stories. Any speculation or talk should be kept to the Discussion tab of pages until validated or made canon. For Whisper content, pages should focus on explaining the content itself, and strategy or commentary should go into the Discussion tabs unless it's an explanation for a major meta strategy or how mechanics function, for example, a subcategory on a monster Page containing its moveset information.

  • Anyone can contribute to Talk pages but only manually approved accounts can create and edit pages. Please use ModMail on our Discord to request Page creation and editing permissions.

⚠️ Important Notice

You are contributing freely to a universe of tales. You are participating in a lifelong collective tale that may influence not only the "main" story of Whisper, but the stories of everyone else participating. Do not participate if you are the sort of person that will up and decide to retcon or delete your involvement in story development. By contributing to this Wiki, you are submitting your characters, plots, ideas, stories, and any other information to the Whisper story. You understand and agree that by creating and contributing to the Whisper universe, you are granting Whisper Online, Astral & Umbral (auxiv), and its creator/author an irrevocable license in perpetuity to the content herein. You are hereby granted license back to use your own contributions in Whisper for your own use, so long as that use does not infringe on Whisper's original copyrights or supplant the Whisper universe stories, games, and related products that come from it.