Third Ward

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The Third Ward

Shirogane Ward 3 is the hub of Astral & Umbral's community where you can find many open public houses, ranging from mansions to cottages and even private chamber apartments, for use as RP settings. Due to the voluminous amount of housing areas we offer, we strongly recommending using CTRL+F to search this page for what you're looking to use! If you have any questions or you'd like to request a custom built backdrop for your RP within our housing, please don't hesitate to reach out on Discord!

"Not long after the call of the Caturae during the events of Heroes and Villains, the Third Ward suddenly blossomed with the presence of the Astral and Umbral company. While many of the new village's offerings appear benign -- being lounges, inns, shops, and places of respite -- one cannot help but wonder if the Caturae feigned their destruction in order to quietly execute their power over their home region and build a beautiful façade that the realm would come to enjoy prosperity through. It wouldn't take long to investigate and discover the ties between the Astral and Umbral, and the Caturae, are there."

The Rendezvous

Astral & Umbral

Location: Hydaelyn • Hingashi • Shirogane • Ward 3

Astral & Umbral's primary establishment resides at the top of the hotsprings hill in Shirogane's third ward. Plentiful social lounging areas can be found both indoors and outdoors, with the private hotsprings in the back. Inside, the reception desk leading to the chambers.

Every Thursday from 8PM to 11PM, there are guaranteed staff at The Rendezvous for dining service. Service availability on off-days is intermittent depending on player availability. Please reach out to us on Discord if you'd like The Rendezvous to be open on an extra day as we can arrange additional openings!

The Enchanted Hall

Many chambers at Shirogane 3|30 (Balmung) are open for exploration and use!

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