Battle Campaigns

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Battle Campaigns, also known as the Astral & Umbral "Engage" or "Campaigns" system are hybrid TTRPG role-playing events that use a custom system for combat and combat encounter creation. The tabletop system uses an intricate Google Sheets setup with Google Script to execute various functions and triggers automating much of the gameplay. Using Battle Campaigns, players can spawn several kinds of content for learning, leveling, story progression, and even hunting bounties.

Combat Zones

Exploration Zones

These exploration zones are meant to get players acquainted with standard challenges at those levels and make for easier experience points farming. In turn for being an easier to manage location, no rare encounters spawn in these zones and enemies don't have experience points multipliers; however, enemies can still pose a challenge to unprepared players.

Seol Training Grounds

Lynel Plains

Zetol Desert

Hadal Ruins

Ubaku Weald

Rowaea Tropics

Progression Zones

These progression zones are intermediate areas for players looking to gain greater experience that provide progressively better rewards due to the increased difficulty of encounters. Additionally, these zones host rare encounters that give even greater rewards for greater challenges.

The Nothing's Take

Baku Open Desert

Baku Tower [L]

Vault Outerlands

The Qenjagy Sanctuary

High-Tier Zones

These high-tier zones are meant to challenge players with incredibly difficult enemies that drop items and loot meant to enhance endgame abilities and gameplay. Additionally, these zones host rare encounters that give even greater rewards for greater challenges.

The Deep Take

The Undertower

Holy City J'Gaumdy

Main Story Zones

These areas are only usable during Main Story or related events, such as encounters of choice or Memoria Devina event replays. They have fixed spawn information so encounters are not randomized like the other above zone types.

Aranyaka Veda

Aranyaka Veda - Part II

A Cold Welcome

Hall of Mu - Part I

Hall of Mu - Part II

The Other Side

Starved World

For Rowaea - Part I

For Rowaea - Part II

The Call of Reckoning

An Ode to Annihilation

One Final Wish - Part I

One Final Wish - Part II

Rural Kugane Islands

A Cold Sendoff