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As a team member of the Astral & Umbral community on Final Fantasy XIV, Discord, and beyond, you will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and ongoing community growth of Astral & Umbral. We're a community that encourages positive creative interactions between role-players so they can learn, develop, and utilize meaningful skills both in and out of the writing environment. We're an open community that anyone can be a part of without having to ask, and that anyone can enjoy from day one of finding us. Our team members are role models in areas of creativity, participation, and conflict resolution. They're motivated, self-starting creative problem solvers equipped with the experience and perseverance to handle the high-stress and ever-changing needs of the community. Our team members are cooperative, compassionate, understanding individuals that constantly strive to add to the tools, resources, and fun of our ever-growing community.

Important Resources

Please familiarize yourself the following:

Online Menu

The Rendezvous

The Candlejack

Our Housing Zones

Engage! Combat System

All Discord Features (Important!)

Community Advertising

Party Finder

It's imperative to use the Party Finder regularly for community growth.

Our team should ensure that a single party finder entry is a constant, daily presence. Please check party finder in advance before putting one up to ensure we're not overlapping, as a large amount of the community blacklists and shares blacklisting of groups that have more than one party finder entry up at a time. While we want our advertising presence to be frequent and constant, we do not want to be overbearing about it to the point we are developing poor rapport with the community. You should only ever advertise in the Other category.

「」Open RP Community • 250+ Players • Events • Giveaways • Quests • Combat • Housing • More! •


Sample Shout (With Unicodes)

We strongly encourage the Community Team to coordinate shouts on a regular basis. Shouts should be done no sooner than one (1) hour after the last shouts complete to avoid over-advertising in shout. Community Team members should let the others know where they're planning to shout or where they have shouted during their runs, especially if splitting shouts among a team effort. The purpose of in-game shouts is to target crowded "hub" areas such as all starting zone maps, or areas there is a likelihood of our message being read by interested parties, like areas that are current relic grind areas, active RP housing wards, or housing wards with placard camping occurring.

/sh 「stral&mbral」Join the 250+ players in our lore flexible open RP community for events, giveaways, quests, and an open housing village for public RP at any hour. No membership required! Everything we have is for the public to enjoy, so come find people and places to enkindle your story! 》 |


Nitro allows for extended post length and the use of Astral & Umbral's server emoji in other servers where permitted. Also note the vanity URL which is important for recruitment efforts. Nitro Boosting our server is important!

We have a general community recruitment message to post in Discord servers that allow community advertisement and recruitment. Since we are advertising our Discord URL, it's important we respect the rules of Discord and of each community we post. Check for rules about how often you can post, what you can post, and when you can post, including any rules such as deleting your prior post before reposting it. The following can be embellished upon; however, it requires Nitro due to its length and Astral & Umbral server emojis.

<:AU:788173579651907654>**「 Astral & Umbral 」**<:AU:788173579651907654>

**We're an Open RP Community that all players on Final Fantasy XIV are welcome to join. Our mission is providing an active open RP community that promotes creative writing freedoms with few restrictions. We're an open community in-game and on Discord, so there is no membership process required, just show up! Come augment your story and start a new chapter with our community!**

**We let you write what you want.** We see the game and lore as a setting, not a requirement, so we don't force players into a narrative that limits their creative freedom. With freedom of muse, you'll find a multitude of characters and stories within our community. We have simple and complex plots with themes including high fantasy, scifi, tech, horror, thriller, slice-of-life, and more. We have mentors and rules in place to ensure cooperation and co-existence in storytelling so everyone can freely play the characters and stories that they enjoy.

**We offer a supportive community.** Our community is accepting and supportive. We have a strong LGBTQIA+ community and safe space. Many members work in fields like law, medicine, pets, and technology that are willing to offer life advice and career help. Our goal is to celebrate the good in people to provide a nurturing community that believes in second chances and focuses on positive engagements. Our community grows and learns together.

**We offer fringe RP innovations.** Our community constantly strives to create unique peripherals to enhance role-playing. Enjoy a real functioning online ordering menu at our dining establishment, The Rendezvous. Enjoy TTRPG or real-time combat? We've created custom systems for each so you can experience tabletop style campaigning or RP fights that play like battle content. We've even got a courthouse and RP legal system for law RP! We're always developing new utilize to enhance RP!

**We give rewards for RP.** We offer a variety of *quests* on our Discord that reward points called Atma which can be exchanged for gil. You can also earn these points by staffing at events or by gambling at the speakeasy. Additionally, our community is full of endgame raiders, crafters, and housing enthusiasts who are ready and willing to help you with whatever you need!

**All of our housing is public.** We give the public open access to use multiple quality decorated housing of all themes and sizes in our village 24/7 without having to ask. We encourage frequent visits IC and OOC to our location. Even if you have no affiliation with our community, our land is your's to use too! Click the *Housing* link below and come use one of our RP locations today for your next scene!

<:AU:788173579651907654> **Visit Astral & Umbral today!** <:AU:788173579651907654>
**「 Website:** <> **」**
**「 Housing:** <> **」**
**「 Discord:** **」**
Server Team Member Frequency
Crystal Roleplay Resources Anai Stairell (Balmung) Weekly
Balmung Roleplay Network Anai Stairell (Balmung) Weekly

Astral & Umbral Commands

AU Bot on Discord

Self Verification

Use this command to set your nickname and Lodestone character.

!iam Firstname Lastname Servername

View Information

View your info (no arguments), or another player's info (tag or User ID).

!info @Wanderer#0001
!info 228364819579797524


Use these commands to add and remove wishes. Removing items is syntax/case sensitive.

!wish {1, 2, 3, remove} {item name}
!wish 3 Diamond Dust
!wish remove Diamond Dust

Use this command to view your wishlist (no arguments) or someone else's (tag).

!wishlist @Wanderer#0001

Create Hooks

Use this command to create an embedded announcement in the "Events" channel.

!hook {combat|help|<none>} Please be sure to include details about the place and time! This is not to be used as a replacement for the event scheduler!!! This should be used as a hook or pre-event ping to measure interest. Thank you! If the first word is "combat" it will ping Combat Events, LFRP, Here. If the first word is "help" it will ping Event Helpers, LFRP, Here. If the first word is neither one of those, it will just ping LFRP and Here.

Create Events

Event creation will automatically ping everyone within 0-10 minutes of the event time. You can create a specific date/time event, or a recurring weekly event. Please use the below command and then follow the menu prompts that display.


Create Announcements

Use this command to create an embedded announcement in the tagged channel.

!announce #【📰】news This makes an announcement in news! You can also @tag people and it will put those tags in the message content, pinging them with the post. You can also include ONE (1) image attachment to be used as the embed image.

Create Astral & Umbral Embed

Use this command to format your test post as an Astral & Umbral embed message.

!format I'm Pickle Rick!

Event Staff Payment

Use this to award paid event staff for participating as service in major events (i.e., The Rendezvous).

!payday @Wanderer#0001

Combat Participation

Use this to award combat RP participants for attending Whisper combat system (TTRPG, real-time) events.

!combat @Wanderer#0001

General Participation

Use this to award general RP participants for attending any Astral & Umbral community event or unpaid staff.

!attendance @Wanderer#0001

Reset Inactivity

Use this to force a reset of a user's inactivity.

!active @Wanderer#0001

Community Statistics

Use this command to view various statistics for the community.


Set Community Funds

Use this command to set the current total gil we have available.

!funds 1234567890

Exchange Rate

Use this command to set how much gil 1 Atma is worth.

!rate 1000

Adjust Atma

Use this to correct mistakes or perform exchanges. Manually adjust a player's Atma. A positive number adds Atma; a negative number removes Atma.

!atma @Wanderer#0001 1000 
!atma @Wanderer#0001 -1000

Adjust Renown

Use this to correct mistakes or perform exchanges. Manually adjust a player's Renown. A positive number adds Renown; a negative number removes Renown.

!renown @Wanderer#0001 10
!renown @Wanderer#0001 10

Adjust Energy

Use this to correct mistakes or perform exchanges. Manually adjust a player's Energy. A positive number adds Energy; a negative number removes Energy.

!ac @Wanderer#0001 9001
!ac @Wanderer#0001 -9001

Force Verification

Do not use unless necessary. Forces a Lodestone check on the target player.

!verify @Wanderer#0001 Anai Stairell Balmung

You can also force remove a player's verification in the event of impersonation.

!unverify @Wanderer#0001

Modify Account Type

Change the user's account "flag" that determines their role:

Banned User:      !flag @Wanderer#0001 -1
Standard Member:  !flag @Wanderer#0001 0
Game Master:      !flag @Wanderer#0001 1
Moderation Staff: !flag @Wanderer#0001 2
Community Team:   !flag @Wanderer#0001 3

Joining the Team

Our application process is going under a re-work, check back later!