New Player Guide : Getting Started on the 2.x Campaign Sheet!

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This guide is intended for new players looking to join and understand the basics of the 2.x Campaign Sheet system used in Whisper/Tales of Stairell mainstory events. The 2.x sheet is not the final rendition of the sheet, however for Voyages and other explorations, it is the main standard for completing content. This Guide will cover all the essentials that you need to hop in and start playing! To use the sheet, visit!



Sheet Legend

  • Sheet management is for the most part handled by DMs, and understanding the sheet 100% for a player is not needed for participation. Regardless, for the sake of tutorial, please try to have a brief understanding!
Snapshot of the 2.x Sheet
  • The DM menu (boxed in Red besides "Help") is the location for Dungeon Masters (DMs) of the current encounter or event to manage players, spawns, and general easy sheet management. It also provides the methods of adding new players.
  • Under "Character", which is located under "Campaigns" is where the player list is kept sorted in alphabetical order. "Akryaenus Starleaper" has been underlined for our sample player through this tutorial.

We will now proceed through the main areas of the sheet from Left to Right :

  • LV : This column lists the Character listed in the nearby row's personal level. Levels determine the cap for leveling abilities, as well as influence your Max HP and your HIT.
  • HP : This column lists the Character's current HP value. Akryaenus is listed at 10 HP in this example.
  • SH : This column lists the Shield HP value, which is a form of non-regenerative (it is completely lost when used save for refill with certain abilities) special HP. Certain enemies start with a value of SH, and players can gain SH with abilities.
  • SKIP : A DM tracking tool used to inform the DM if a players turn must be skipped.
  • HIT : The target value for rolls. In-game, we use /random (which is a d1000) to determine the outcome of attacks/offensive abilities. There are no defense rolls for Players or Enemies, each have their own specific HIT target value. If your roll is this number or higher, your attempt succeeds. if it is lower, your attempt fails.
  • AC Gauge : This Gauge holds your Ability-usable AC. This is the currency for using certain abilities that carry an AC cost. AC is earned through rolling a "Crit" (900+), or through rewards for completing events and battles. Every charge is symbolized by one checkmark in the Gauge.
  • AC : The AC Pool. This holds all your stock AC. Only this AC is usable for leveling your characters levels/abilities. It is from this pool that your AC Gauge is charged.
  • Status | Duration : These Three slots are used to track any status effects that might be active on a Player or an Enemy. DMs track it depending on the rules of the ability that triggers them.
  • Ability Loadout : This area holds your available abilities for an encounter, which are set before battle initiates, and cannot be changed mid-battle.
  • PT : This column is for DM organization of multiple parties and sheet organization.
  • INIT : This column marks Initiative. Initiative is set every week on Saturday/Sunday around 12 AM, and influences turn-order, HIT, and available ability loadout slots. A low INIT means less options. Akryaenus has a very low INIT this week, and only has two slots available.
  • MAX : Your Maximum HP.

Adding Yourself as a Player

WARNING : You will need to be signed into a Google Account you are comfortable with to add yourself to the sheet. If you absolutely do not feel comfortable with this part, do not be afraid to ping @gamemaster or @dev in the Astral & Umbral Discord to get yourself in. If you are comfortable, make sure you are signed in before you proceed!

Too add yourself as a player, you will do the following :

  1. Click the DM menu
  2. Click "Add Player"
  3. Accept any and all prompts that come up asking for Google Scripts permissions (It is safe, do not worry)
  4. Wait 10 seconds.
  5. Click the DM menu
  6. Click "Add Player"
  7. Input your character name as it appears in-game.

The reason you have to do this process twice is because if you have not already given the Scripts add-on permission, doing so will likely kick you out of the menu and you will need to wait, just in case, for any scripts to timeout before safely proceeding.

The DM menu, where said menu is boxed in blue.
How the Player name menu should appear.

Once you click "OK", the sheet will add your name, and then adjust itself. Just wait around 10 seconds to let everything settle, and you are done with this step!

Setting up your Loadout

Your loadout will be the list of abilities that you can use at any given time for an encounter.

By default, when you click the dropdown menu in the "Ability Loadout" section of the sheet on your name's row, you will only see abilities available to you. Every ability will have certain rules of engagement and use.

To find out exactly what an ability does and its conditions for use, you can use the search menu! It is located besides the "Campaigns" Box. Just click the little arrow, or erase the current contents and begin to type the ability you are searching for.

The search menu of the 2.x sheet, where the drop down menu is circled in red, and the ability is underlined in green.
Searching for an ability using the 2.x search menu.

Once an ability is selected, you can read up about its costs, the type of ability it is, what the effect is, and how much it will cost to level.

"GCD" = Global Cool Down, which means that the ability must be used on the Players turn.

"OGCD" = Off Global Cool Down, which means that the ability may be activated off of the players turn.

"TRAIT" = An ability that usually offers a mixture of activations, and sometimes includes passive constant effects. Checking the description determines the rules of activation.

Stone IV in the ability sheet.

Stone IV here costs 1 AC to use. It is GCD, and does 4 DMG to 1 target.

This means that to use Stone IV, Akryaenus will have to wait until their turn, spend 1 AC to attempt to use the ability, and then roll a /random with the hope of meeting or exceeding their personal HIT of 486 to do 4 DMG to a target.

Here is Akryaenus activating the special effect of their ability "Worldchanger", where if they roll a critical failure ( less than 100), they may spend 4 AC to give 5 SH to a target.

Akryaenus activating Worldchanger in 2.x.
  • It should be noted that DMs will typically track the AC costs of your abilities themselves, but seeing how they are used and how it affects your Gauge will help prepare you for when you yourself are eventually ready to DM an encounter.

What's Next?

You are ready to engage! Practice makes perfect, so ask around and see if anyone would like to DM an encounter with you. The next tutorial you will want to follow is New Player Guide : How to Level Up on the 2.x Campaign Sheet!, but until the time comes to level, you have the essentials!