Tales of Stairell: Book I

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An ages-old tale awakens from dormancy under mysterious pretenses to seemingly re-live a war of ancients on a new world as two ideologies, the Caturae and the Resistance, fight for their futures both historic and anew upon realms yet touched by their devastating history. Will those cloaked by the darkness prevail, or will it be those veiled in light?

A Thousand Faces Arc

Quest: {Anai Summoning Event}

Quest: {Capture / Azys Lla Event}

Quest: Undying Cycle

Heroes vs. Villains Arc

Quest: White Song, Black Scales

Quest: Black Song, White Scales

Quest: Bauble-headed Bar

Quest: A Prelude to Infest

Quest: An Ul'dah Infestation

Quest: A Perfect Fate (Ul'dah)

Quest: Three Doors Down

Quest: From the Ashes

Quest: Peace by Piece

Quest: Shirogane Besieged

Quest: Every Dogs Has Its Day

Quest: The Story of All

Quest: Mechanical Machina Machinations

Quest: The Last Stand

Quest: The Root of a Nightmare Verdict

Quest: Turn the Light On

Quest: The Termination Protocol

Quest: War Games

Quest: Echoes of a Fallen Star

Quest: One So Unworthy