Tales of Stairell: Book II

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A sleeping world awoken, forspoken realms once untouchable beckon those that would cure the ails of the worlds and construct prosperity out of historic ashes; however, untold dark legacies of the once flourishing multiverse wander from casted shadows, rays of light, and the silver sands among the stars to take what was never meant to be.

Astral & Umbral Arc

Quest: A History Forspoken

Quest: Aranyaka Veda

Quest: A Cold Sendoff

Quest: A Cold Welcome

Quest: Exploring Sirell

Quest: Hall of Mu

Quest: The Other Side

Quest: Starved World

Quest: For Rowaea

Quest: The Call of Reckoning

Quest: An Ode to Annihilation

Quest: One Final Wish

Quest: Whispers