The Candlejack

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The Candlejack is a highly guarded underground network and speakeasy from which The Caturae operate. The speakeasy is located within Shirogane's Third Ward at Plot 29 on the Balmung server of Crystal Datacenter. Anybody can visit OOC; however, there are special specific requirements you must meet in order to enter the speakeasy ICly. Check out the Discussion tab to get some hooks for visiting.

Visitor Protocol

You must follow visitor protocol to RP as The Candlejack. You may only be permitted entry by following the speakeasy's visitor protocol:

  • You must place one glitching C̴̫a̢̺̫̰ṉ͈͔̜͓͎d͖l҉̟ͅe҉͙͈̟̖̠ͅj̮a͍̱͈͇ç͎̮͕̥ḱ̝ in your character's name order using our online menu. [ Shortcut ]
  • A staff member will approach you stating you have a visitor and to follow.
  • You will be escorted to a rock by the cliffside by the player.
  • You will be blindfolded and disarmed.
  • You will be blind escorted into The Candlejack by a second player.

Upon exiting, you will be blindfolded and brought back to the rock with your weapons returned to you.

Staff of The Candlejack

Only members of The Candlejack cross-world linkshell are staff of The Candlejack and have automatic authorization to use the speakeasy freely. Players who become staff of The Candlejack are expected to participate regularly, help with escorting players, and help out staffing the venue as needed.


Quests are available via the "Quests" channel on the Astral & Umbral Discord ( The community of Astral & Umbral offer quests that grant both IC and OOC rewards. You will earn Atma (exchangeable for gil and items), Renown (used to unlock better quests), and AC (activity charge points for keeping roles on Discord) for completing quests. This is automated with our own Discord bot and server which logs reward inventory for community members, like any economy system. If you'd like to see your stats, use !profile on our Discord to check your profile.

The Candlejack is the primary location for players to discuss, recruit, and complete Astral & Umbral Quests obtained from the quest system via our Discord. When turning in quests, you should keep in mind that quests most often require an actual exchange of RP involving random players. While proof such as screenshots is not always required, you will need some showing of having accomplished the quest details such as:

  • In your completion scene, have your character describe, act-out, or otherwise illustrate explicit details of the feat. Recalling names and specifics that transpired during your quest can be persuasive.
  • The easiest way is to screenshot your RP showing that you did what the quest asks for, and can be used as a failsafe if you need quick or OOC quest completion.