The Rendezvous

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The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous at Astral & Umbral is a fine dining, lounge, and bar establishment located at Shirogane, Ward 3, Plot 30. While the venue has event days for "guaranteed staffing" it's actually open 24/7 for the community to enjoy. Currently guaranteed staffing time(s) are on the following table:

Date Time
Saturdays 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST

Guest Rules

Guests must use the online ordering menu ( to place their orders. Our ordering system is linked to our Discord and is how our staff manages all orders, so we do not handle orders outside of this system. If you are unable to access the menu for some reason, you may flag down a server and let them know OOC that you will need them to input the order for you since you cannot access the menu. Our menu system allows us to track and triage dining orders even when there's a higher level of chat scroll, so your cooperation is appreciated.

We ask guests to follow our community rules (found at while at our venues and events. We allow players to wear armor and weapons into the venue; however, know this will likely mean security will be watching you closer than other guests. We allow crimes against the venue openly, and crimes against individuals with OOC permission, so long as things are planned. We ask players, unless cleared by all parties in advance, use a skillcheck mechanism (usually high vs. low on player skillchecks, and 500+ for individual skillchecks) when taking some kind of action of maneuver like attempting theft, stealth, any combat related action, and so on. You are also allowed to attempt to impersonate staff ICly for these. Be prepared for the IC consequences if you're caught! We don't ban from the venue unless you've done something OOC against our rules to deserve it, but the RPC's playing security and staff will do their IC role and detail, capture, combat, or otherwise attempt to thwart any detected crime. If you have any questions, please speak to the players with the Meld icon without hesitation!

Weekly Event Themes

Please see our Events Page ( for details on each event. Here's a brief list below.

Lounge Night (1st Saturday)

Every 1st Saturday of the month we host a relaxed lounge event, encouraging performers to take to the open stage to entertain guests at this vey low-key casual event!

Party Night (2nd Saturday)

Every 2nd Saturday of the month we hot a themed costume and dance party event that's pet-friendly! Come show off your glamours and maybe win a costume contest!

Socialites Night (3rd Saturday)

Every 3rd Saturday of the month we provide hosts that offer to facilitate group conversation on various topics and conversation styles, with hourly trivia in-between!

Casino Night (4th Saturday)

Every 4th Saturday of the month we open gambling games at the estate to allow players a chance to try their luck at winning it big using dice and cards!

Mystery Night (5th Saturday)

When there's a 5th Saturday of the month we pick one of the above events at random, or we host something completely new! It's a mystery!

Staff Rules

The role of dining staff at The Rendezvous are to greet, escort, inform, and serve guests. Security can exist, but is fairly low-key and does not need to be visible. Our engagement with guests is far more important than staged business that doesn't actually involve our visiting players. Remember, we're role-playing, but we're a lounge venue for entertainment and dining! In order to continually grow our visitors and keep the seats packed, we need to do our part in ensuring visitors come back not just on event days, but any day, and that those that come to our venue enjoy the experience so much that they recommend others visit and bring groups in the future. So please, put your best service hat on while participating as staff:

  1. Staff should be present, in-uniform, and have Looking For Meld (/lfm) turned on before start time.
  2. There should always be ONE (1) player at the info desk. If leaving to help a guest, another staff member should take their place.
  3. There should always be ONE (1) player staffing the bars. If leaving to serve a guest, another staff member should take their place.
  4. Make sure to keep ONE (1) Party Finder advertising the venue on at all times, and conduct shout rounds no more than ONCE (1) per hour.
  5. All staff should strive to provide positive interactions and an engaging experience for venue visitors. Our goal is to fill the venue frequently!

⚠️Paid positions are not a giveaway of free points. Please understand staffing a venue is a responsibility, and you are being compensated for your time to help the venue grow. If you want to attend the venue for purely personal role-playing and not get paid for it, please do not sign up as staff, as we expect players being compensated for their time to give us something in return. You are all expected to work as a team to advertise, get people in there, and engage with every visitor.

Party Finder

| The Rendezvous • Bar, Lounge, Open Stage • Shirogane 3|30 (Balmung) • 


| The Rendezvous is OPEN now! • Bar, Lounge, Open Stage • Come join us at Shirogane 3|30 (Balmung) for a while. • 


Staff Uniform

Staff are required to wear the following uniform and be Looking For Meld (/lfm) status. Please contact us if you need any dyes or uniform pieces procured, as Astral & Umbral will provide them for event helpers:

Slot Item Dye
Main Hidden (All Staff) -
Head Glasses/Jewelry OK -
Body Company Tabard Pearl White
Hands Cannot Cover Sleeves Gunmetal Black or Pearl White
Legs Formal Wear Gunmetal Black or Pearl White
Feet Formal Wear Gunmetal Black
Accessories Jewelry OK -


Payment is made in our exchangeable currency (Atma) which is exchangeable for gil and other items, and automated via the Astral & Umbral Discord Bot. There are a limited number of paid positions available depending on how busy the venue is and the decision of the individual managing the venue that evening. You must be in the Astral & Umbral Discord ( in order to receive credit for events.