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Anai Stairell (Final Fantasy XIV)

Anai Stairell (Anai, Anai'stairell) [lore] is currently a manifested chaos entity on The Source.

Company History

The Faux Paw

Noa, under the identity of "Narai L'astiel" (an anagram for Anai'stairell) joined The Faux Paw in The Goblet (11-22) upon his initial arrival on The Source (Late 2017) as an entertainer and eventually event manager for the group. He harbored a whisper of Anai within him until Anai was eventually split out later. This "fragment" was deeply buried; however, it influenced Narai day-to-day, ultimately leading him to convince the Company summoner and black mage to pool their aether together and "tear" a rift in which to fish this whispering entity out from, using Narai as the vessel to contain it. The process was unorthodox, requiring Narai to dive off a tall structure at Zenith of the Churning Mists, imbued with energy to create some sort of aetherial "friction" to assist the process. Regardless, it worked, and Narai was then imbued with the shard of Anai'stairell residing in this realm.

A Thousand Faces

After a turn (2018), Furtive Mongrel "Mutt" (Sabaku) had created A Thousand Faces (January 2018) in the heart of The Goblet (2-18) which Noa joined shortly after as proprietor. Anai had been separated from Noa, making this Company the first informal association for Anai. The Company flourished for a time, but eventually its members parted ways and abandoned the A Thousand Faces, including Noa. This happened notably after the Chamber #001 incident. In order to extinguish the shard of Anai that plagued Noa (now known as "Alluring Artiste"), it was necessary to break into the pocket world that imprisoned Anai and vanquish him there. Presuming this required a special Stairellan unsealing ritual, Mutt was forced to face against his friends to offer his lifeblood to unseal the chamber. When finally unlocked, it was revealed Alluring Artiste had been manipulated by Anai all along as a means to release him from his confines. Teleported to a "Bakian Remnant" close to Radiance, the group faced off against an Anai-empowered Noa. Ultimately, Anai failed and was severed from Noa, leaving his vessel unimpinged by further possession of Anai. There was a catch, as Anai managed to latch onto a Company member briefly to continue tormenting the group. Not long after, Noa revealed he held a special sigil called The Eye in which he had amassed enough power with it to physically split Anai out of the Company member he was possessing. At the cost of giving Anai his own independent physical form, it freed the Company member from possession. Not long after, the A Thousand Faces group parted ways.

Kingdom of All

Assisted by Titor Jaraba, Noa, Anai, and Mutt established a new Company in the heart of Mist called Kingdom of All (10-27) later that year (August 2018). The Company was quiet and short-lived as an opportunity to rekindle roots presented itself not long after.

A Thousand Faces (Revival)

Returning to their original location of The Goblet (2-18), Kingdom of All was subsequently renamed A Thousand Faces and began anew. Noa relinquished leadership to Anai prompting Mutt to abandon the place. After Anai took over, the Company grew exponentially under new co-leadership with Titor Jaraba.

Relocation to Shirogane

After the Ul'dah Besieged, Anai hastily relocated the Company to Shirogane (3-14) to escape raiding by blood-thirsty adventurers and city guards. (Early 2020)

Relocation to Mansion

Prior to the Shirogane Besieged with the help of Veda-Titor, A Thousand Faces relocated up the hill to Shirogane (3-30). (Spring 2020)

Astral & Umbral

After the feigned defeat of the Caturae faction at the Shirogane Besieged, the organization rebranded itself, allowing the name A Thousand Faces to be put to rest in favor of a new identity uniting the darkness and the light under their banner while heralding some of the greatest prosperity historically seen. (Fall 2020)