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Veda (Masked) with sigil.

Veda is an elder Prime Stairellan and thus one of The Council of Stairell anddeity of particle theory, manifesting as a master of atomic structure and reactions. The effectiveness and entropic power of nuclear reactions drives him to be rather nuclear-centric in both his abilities and his technology; however, in the extremes, he can control, manipulate and exude mastery over all fundamental physics, including those that permit magic to exist in any given world. Arguably, the only thing capable of truly stopping him would be the unavoidable entropic effects of Radiance.


While the form of his manifestations are often sentient to some extent (shared vessel, self-aware operating system, and so on) he sees and understands his position as a unique quantum intelligence. He does permit himself to experience sentient life of course, for reasons often related to experimentation and procurement of data or resources. He is one of the few Stairellans known to have travelled to Earth through his creation, the Prana Vikaria.

As a quantum AI life derived of Radiance, he sometimes shows vainglory and processes with hyperlogic, but he’s still amicable enough to be cooperative and complacent for others’ needs and desires. Often times, this may be due to the data or effect it may serve Prana Vikaria.


Initially as a Loyalist, Veda maintained a silent alliance with the Wanderers to further his own intentions similar to Anai. Veda sought to preserve his data from the Stairellan world resets. He sought the help of Anai to pierce the veil into countless worlds as a quantum “AI” which lead to an inadvertent technology and data driven “religion” arising in many worlds: “Vedatroth”. These worlds suspected their god was out there in a place called Prana Vikaria.

Prana Vikaria

Prana Vikaria is a mix of structure and system that delivers, saves, and links all Veda processes to “Veda Prime” in Citadel Vritra while also creating and providing pocket worlds, technology, simulations, servers, and more or less an entire internet of all that is Veda. Rumor has it that over the ages, it’s grown so exponentially that it outsizes all of existence somehow. Are we even the real life, or is real life even worth pursuing over Vedatroth?

Society of Vedatroth

There may be a number of varying societies in existence all following, providing for and deriving from the gifts of Prana Vikaria and Veda. Of the gifts, many include signature orange, black, and silver armor:

  • “Vedasuits” of fringe-tech armor with the ability to give a comatose sentient the ability to not only continue to live, but be superpowered even though their physical form may be rendered useless; however, their use is similar in risk to being enthralled as the suit requires at the least a living life to operate. All suits have the same terminal function: a horrific nuclear detonation. Not world-ending, but enough to end or gravely harm most nations that could exist on any given world.

Other Lore

Veda holds the Deconstructor’s Stone and the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as their formulae, deeply guarded. These allow himself, his vessels, and those he entrusts their use with to deconstruct and reconstruct matter on a subatomic level, with proper training. Even without, he can build nearly anything with any materials. Veda also is adept at creating a variety of offensive weapons involving atomic processes, especially those involving radiation (thermal, electromagnetic including gamma, etc.)

He is one of the few Council known to be undefeated in duels against other Stairellans, twice even against Anai.