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Whisper is a massively multiplayer role-playing story-verse ("verse") the began in the early 1990's, meant to connect generational storytellers participating within the verse through a multitude of multimedia and platforms. The Whisperverse is a collective of stories from both its original author, as well as all those who've been a part of it since. While there are core plots specific to the original Whisperverse, many participants have created their own within Whisper, or have connected their own outside story-verses (including other canon and fanfic) to the Whisperverse. A predominant amount of the story is told through role-playing, historically through LARP and online role-playing, as well as table-top role-playing campaigns, music, artwork series, and even indie game development.

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The Story of Whisper

The Creation of Whisper

The Beginning

There was naught else but a singular unity of light that made up everything that was, would, and could be. This light radiated and, as its rays strayed from the core, it blended with the empty plane of no-thing around it creating variances of everything and nothingness. The light would radiate energy of existence into nothingness through positive entropy where it would break down, becoming mixed and impure, which lead to creations through negative entropy. From these less pure planes would arise Whisper's first sentient spirits. These nameless souls drifted aimlessly through the Whisperverse as they observed and pondered the essence of their being, with neither society nor realm of their own. As the number of these souls grew, so did the lands of the Whisperverse itself. The aurora of light that radiated out creating everything became surrounded by a great and massive accretion disk of material from the impure zones, becoming a vast desert with violent storms and turbulent dunes. Thereafter, other beings came to be on this vast desert outside of the light.

These two first peoples would later become known as the angelic first people of Radiance (Svanias) and the nomadic first people of Baku (Bakians).

The Creation of Brilliance

The light, while all-giving, was also quite dangerous as anything that got too deep within its shine would be annihilated into the light itself. The Svanias observed this and learned also that energy in the Whisperverse maintained an equilibrium, and so they found themselves keepers of the Whisperverse, ensuring the light that afforded their very being continued to do so for all of creation. As the Whisperverse settled, early Svanias gathered together and crystallized sands of the desert into enormous crystals, resistant to the light's positive entropy. These crystals floated in deep parts of the light, and the Svanias would settle within these crystals as their domain. A sea of energies would engulf and connect the crystals together as they orbited the core of light, so that the Svanias could be united as one world, yet permit separate domains as their early wanderings scattered the ancients far and wide.

These crystals would later become known as Brilliance, and the first civilization of the Svanias would later become known as the Kingdom of Stairell.

The Stairellan Council and Forum

The Stairellans, as the first true realm of the first people, quickly became leaders of the Whisperverse through their united front and knowledge of the light and the not. The Stairellans had named the light Radiance, and observed many of the denizens of the outside accretion disk desert they called Baku. Gathered as a society, many Stairellans quickly learned the Svanias possessed collective yet unique powers, unlike their Bakian brethren. It was decided within Stairell that those who exhibited controls of elements and ideals of existence would become council of their worlds, and the rest would be represented through a forum. Thus was the Council created, and the Forum born.

The Council of Stairell

Through trials and discovery over time, eight Stairellans were declared Council and took upon themselves sigils of their seat:

  • Noa, the first Council, harbored the element of light and took upon himself the sigil of Stairellan belief and ideals themselves, manifesting The Eye.
  • Spero, the second Council, harbored the element of darkness and took upon themself the sigil of the nothingness Radiance needed to create, manifesting The Staff.
  • Hadal, the third Council, harbored the element of earth and took upon himself the sigil of the natural entropy that creates worlds, manifesting The Tree.
  • Saaphor, the fourth Council, harbored the element of wind and took upon himself the sigil of wisdom that came of the Svanias observance, manifesting The Soul.
  • Selsius, the fifth Council, harbored the element of ice and took upon herself the sigil of unity that brought their people together, manifesting The Heart.
  • Torvus, the sixth Council, harbored the element of fire and took upon himself the sigil of law that would protect the Whisperverse, manifesting The Chains.
  • Veda, the seventh Council, harbored the element of lightning and took upon itself the sigil of perceived reality resting upon Radiance, manifesting The Mask.
  • Xii, the eighth Council, harbored the element of water and took upon themself the sigil of life's instinct and continued evolution, manifesting The Blood.

While the Council and Forum were able to maintain domain of the Kingdom of Stairell, they lacked the means to manipulate Radiance itself, and still needed an equal neutral presence to preside. A quiet soul and only native manipulator of Radiance that had not spoken finally came forward, offering himself to the Council. That individual became the sigil of the crest, representing the sigils of the Council in unity. That individual was known as Anai. Anai was an eccentric individual once he opened up to others. This was thought to be due to how he'd spend much of his time locked up in his chambers at Radiance's edge, exposed to the deteriorating effects of Radiance. He was known to frequent the Radiance Respite gardens with various visitors, guests, and other Stairellans though.

The Council's Forum Delegate

The Council were kept far above the skies of Stairell as to not meddle with the affairs of the Stairellan people themselves, as the Council's sole task was the maintaining of the Whisperverse through their elements and sigils. Still, as a part of the Kingdom of Stairell, the Council asked to be represented in the Forum. The Forum and Council came to agreement that Selsius, as the bearer of The Heart, was the most appropriate Council member to be their delegate.

The Stairellan-Bakian Wars

Baku and the Sentient Conquest

Baku was a vast enough realm that many different peoples could come and go without ever having known about each other, all traces of their very existence wiped from the desert world by the time someone's path would have crossed their lands. The vast desert was untamable, but could be navigated by various means. While some civilizations of Baku remained close and wandered together, others were known to travel. Some used various vessels like sand skiffs to manage the turbulent ocean-like dunes in some parts. Others appeared to have settled in more stable regions, sometimes spending generations piling massive slabs of rock until a portion of the dunes became stable enough to settle upon. Baku could never unite or escape from being technologically stunted due to its nature; however, over time, various collectives of Bakian natives became aware of the Svanias. Some regarded them as gods, while others saw them as equals, or even lessers. Whenever seen, the Svanias were always well-dressed, well-groomed, and appeared to come from lands of peace and prosperity which was a stark contrast to the reality of Baku. Eventually, this lead to some Bakians uniting as a faction set on assimilating with the Svanias, or conquering them and take their prosperity to ail the torments of Baku. These united Bakians became known as The Resistance. The Resistance would seek and engage any Svanias they found, as well as other Bakians that refused to join them and renounce the Svanias as their deities or greaters.

The Forum became wary of outsiders over time, eventually becoming predominantly made of Stairellan natives rather than equally representing the Svanias of other portions of Brilliance such Reinan, Weyko, Creol, Bho, and Azumi. Regardless, the Forum acted and decided it would become involved in the affairs of Baku but as a means to prevent them from finding their way into Brilliance and disrupting their ways. The Stairellans feigned truly helping the Bakians and rather sought to do the minimum necessary to elicit complacency. They offered to take in four Bakian natives as Emissaries that would go back to Baku and share teaching with others. This halted conflict for quite some time, until disgruntled Svanias spread word to The Resistance that the Stairellans had played them for complacency. As much time had passed since the Emissaries were taken to Stairell, this infuriated The Resistance, and rekindled the war efforts. Worse, it appeared a group of Svanias had become something of third-party intermeddlers in the Stairellan-Bakian affairs against the Bakians but also against the Forum of Stairell. This faction called themselves The Caturae.

Their efforts having failed, the four Emissaries (Azazel of the South Tribe, Shuya of the East Tribe, Hastur of the West Tribe, and Ubaku of the North Tribe) were returned to Baku. Most of the warring remained on Baku, but more and more of the Svanias were becoming involved, leaving Brilliance out of need or desire to serve on Baku. This eventually concerned the Forum, as they feared a united Svanian-Bakian front from their disgruntled allies, especially those of Azumi who appeared to be the majority of The Caturae. As a show of power, the Forum pressured the Council to act for the balance.

The Towers

The Council's hand was forced. Utilizing the same magic crystal that formed Brilliance, four massive towers were constructed by Stairell. The world-sized marble and crystal towers were confluences of control for Radiance that could connect points of the Whisperverse, draw life within them, and even repurpose energy on a fundamental level. As a show of force, a single tower was launched equidistant from the four tribes of the Emissaries. The results were devastating. Almost all life between the tribes, except for some of the North Tribe, was lost. Many of The Resistance and The Caturae forces were extinguished, and the warring stopped for a time. While not intended, unfortunately, the lives that were took in the tower were un-restorable. In drawing essence into the tower from the Bakians and sending it into Brilliance, passing through Radiance appeared to have infected them with Radiance energy in a way that it destabilized their bodies, minds, and souls, often manifesting as insanity and transformation. These "Madness" afflicted beings were released to lands north of the Kingdom of Stairell, and a wall built to protect them while Saaphor kept detailed records of this discovery and the transformations' outcomes.

These towers also acted a fortresses and points of ingress and egress for the Stairellans. Atop of the structures, a great brilliant beacon of light shot into the heavens of Radiance, connecting it to the Kingdom of Stairell. The tower was heavily guarded both within and surrounding it. The magic was so advanced, it was nearly impossible for anyone other than the Stairellans to navigate. This tower would become known as Baku Tower.

The Guardians

Furthering their need to protect the balance, the Stairellans used the aftermath of their first strike against Baku as a means to convert Bakians into protectors for Stairell. With the help of Veda and Xii, technological and biological transmutations allowed volunteer Bakians to become magicked Guardians via a derivative use of the energy causing the Madness affliction. They would be given immeasurable power and even the ability to "reset" the Svanias existences within Brilliance; however, there were limitations. Guardianship was an irreversible change to their very essence, and they lacked the ability to unilaterally act, let alone do any harm upon the Stairellans. This was not the case for non-Stairellan Svanias though. Thus, a breed of people that could unite and reset Stairell were released, and this lead to a golden era of Stairell, rapidly advancing their existence compared to every other realm within the Whisperverse simply because they had the ability to repeatedly reset and tweak themselves to near perfection. With every reset, Stairell became more and more closed to the outside.

Guardians were fierce peacekeepers for Stairell. Their abundant energy made them useful as fuel for Celestial Nexuses, interdimensional ships the Stairellans used for covert travel and strikes, once they were determined too damaged or dangerous to be set free. Otherwise, when a Guardian's life force was nearly extinguished, they would undergo a monstrous transformation that rapidly depleted their remaining existence, but rendered them invulnerable and devastating during their last moments. The era of the Guardians kept much of the war from advancing much forward, as the Stairellans finally had a weapon powerful enough to keep other Svanias away, and the Bakians from reforming The Resistance much further.

Outerworld Invasion

The Caturae had fallen silent; however, more sinister designs had been occurring during this time. Predominantly, the efforts of the Azumi Caturae faction resulted in one day where various rifts cut into the region of the Whisperverse at Baku and Radiance, pouring a multitude of sentients from other universes into the Whisperverse. Some of the invaders were purely magic-based people, some technologically focused, and others a mix. A number of the invading forces appeared allied with The Resistance, while many others appeared simply interested in conquering Brilliance for themselves. A number of the Guardians, even though limited in their ability to retaliate against Stairell, defected to The Resistance. This lead to a climactic war between outerworld sentients, Bakians, Stairellans, other Svanias, the Guardians, The Resistance, The Caturae, and even The Council of Stairell. Then, Noa announced to The Council during a Guardian invasion of the palace of The Council that he was leaving to support The Resistance and free the Guardians of their service. He was joined by ex-Guardian, Sabaku.

The war began to tear at the very fabric of the Whisperverse. Anai and The Council quickly delegated Noa's vacant seat to Torvus as heritor of light, as his sigil would be needed to help keep the balance should Noa not return and the conflict not resolve. To protect Stairell from prematurely falling, Selsius and Saaphor were sent to the tower on Baku to safeguard it as he realized Noa may return with other Guardians through the very same point. Xii and Veda were sent to neutralize threats on Baku directly by engaging the high-powered forces with the aid of Stairellan Archsvanias. As the situation rapidly deteriorated, Anai made a desparate attempt to launch Hadal, Torvus, and Spero through Radiance to a point where nothing existed yet as a failsafe were things to end in the Whisperverse. Those three would have the power to re-make something and begin anew. Unfortunately, this was a one-way trip, as protecting the three through Radiance to place them there harmed much of Anai. As this was happening, The Resistance began attempting to create a reset that would go beyond Stairell and restart the entire Whisperverse, which would have ended all non-Whisperverse life and time still within.

Anai returned to the palace and was confronted by Noa. They spoke amicably for a moment. Anai warned Noa that he would be doing something brazen that could end the entire Whisperverse, but Noa would be given enough time to warn The Resistance and leave quickly before he'd do it. Noa left without question to do so, leaving with some of The Resistance through rifts along with other sentient forces. Shortly after, Anai stepped into the depths of Radiance and caused a reaction that shattered the existence of the Whisperverse, both ending and stopping its existence in some strange state.

The Decaying State

Later, it would be discovered that Anai triggered the "Decay" state of the Whisperverse, which terminates the existence of the Stairellan-Bakian version of Whisper until a new existence formed of the stable elements is consumed as the denizens of that world used elemental energy. Thereafter, the "Decaying" world would end, and the Whisperverse would be reborn from the beginning with minor changes each time this cycle repeated. This means that the aforementioned conflict has happened again and again, until this time. While the entirety of these Decaying State worlds would be inevitably destroyed, some of their remnants might be found in the Whisperverse during the Infinity State under special conditions, namely, the advent of the end days.

The Infinity State

After one rendition, the Stairellan-Bakian Wars finally came to an end after a league of adventurers managed to reverse Anai's actions in the Whisperverse, unlock it once more, and prevent the full reset from occurring. Now, these adventurers have to deal with the variety of conflicts the Whisperverse offers even after the war, such as desire for vengeance, the affliction of the Madness, the ever-conflicted Svanias people, the conquest-driven sentients, forbidden secrets of a multitude of people, and more.

The Magic of Whisper

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The Worlds of Whisper


Brilliance is a collection of crystals that floats under the surface of Radiance and is home to many of the Svanias including:

  • The Kingdom of Stairell, a walled kingdom with magnificent white marble structures reaching into the clouds.
  • The Azumi Empire, known for its black marble walls engraved with purple bands and ancient runes.
  • The Creol Coalition, a widespread but divided continent of smoke-stained stone structures scorched by civil war.
  • The Theocracy of Bho, a still and quiet beautiful heavy island tropic with underground palaces.
  • The People of Weyko, a modern land long since abandoned by its people having fled or left, little is known.


Baku is an accretion disk desert of impure energy and ultimately star-stuff that swirls around Radiance like a massive galaxy. There is a nearly endless amount of possibilities for people that could exist on Baku; however, none can escape its lack of technology and a life of living among stardust desert dunes. Some of the Whisperverse created locations on Baku include:

  • The North Tribe, home to Emissary of War Ubaku and Resistance Guardian Sabaku.
  • The South Tribe, home to Emissary of Death Azazel.
  • The East Tribe, home to Emissary of Famine Shuya.
  • The West Tribe, home to Emissary of Pestilence Hastur.


Prior to the conclusion of Tales of Stairell, the Sirell world exists locked in "The Other Side" or "All's Gift" which is a plane of annihilation that little can exist in. The world of Sirell is purely a creation by Hadal, Torvus, and Spero, including everything and everyone on it. This means that, while characters can be native from Sirell, they will be subject to a very finite set of history and will be tied to the plot devices involving Sirell. Sirell existed once as a united landmass with its own "first people" and later was terraformed creating these continents:

  • Lynel, a forest and plains continent with the Kingdom of Ai'Lynel.
  • Zetol, a desert continent with the Empire of Aun'Zetol and a tower off its west shore.
  • Ubaku, a dense weald full of semi-sentient beasts, harboring a path to Spero's Chamber.
  • Rowaea, a jungle tropic full of pirates and beasts, home to an unnamed pirate nation.
  • Saefor, a tundra northern icecap continent with a Stairellan tower, mostly empty.
  • Hadal, a tundra southern icecap continent with a Stairellan tower, mostly empty.

The remnants of the first landmass are under the seabed and known as the Hadal Undersea Ruins, predominantly home to undead and other creatures of the Sirellan abyss.

Warning: Future Changes

Sirell has a specific destiny that will change some of the landmasses upon it, so if you are planning to use Sirell as a specific setting for your own character you may want to learn about Sirell's fate before settling!

The Abyss

This area is not yet discovered. Characters cannot originate from this realm or locations within it due to story use.


Non-original worlds recognized in the Whisperverse include but aren't limited to:

  • Hydaelyn / Final Fantasy XIV
  • Vana'diel / Final Fantasy XI
  • Atreia / Aion
  • The Phantasy Star Universe
  • The Astral Plane
  • The Earth Universe